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Originally Posted by OneTennisParent View Post
Sometimes the right thing is detrimental, but you do it anyway.
Amen to that, but it is pretty tough to get someone to fall on the sword while the other 300 sit back and watch you bleed.

If folks truly want a school to stop or limit recruiting foreigners to their school, they need to get out their checkbooks. Write a multi-million dollar endowment check to your college that will fund scholarships to the tennis program with a stipulation that the scholarships can only be used for domestically born tennis athletes. Probably in the neighborhood of $5,208,333 is all it would take...figuring 6% interest in perpetuity would yield $312,500 per year. Avg year of a scholarship might be 25k per year (25k x 12.5 = 312,500)

That's probably the only way it would truly get changed...outside funding of the program. If the school doesn't have to worry about paying 4.5 men & 8 women's scholarships every year, they probably won't care if the team stinks or not.
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