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Originally Posted by C_Urala
I realized that when I look at a distant object, I can see it well only when the window is quite large and/or the distance of it from my eyes is quite short.
In this case, when I close my right eye, the obect shifts to the right, and when I close my left eye, the object goes to the left.
Does it mean that my both eyes are dominant, or neither one is? or what??
It sounds as if neither eye is dominant (at least for your far sight). Apparently there is a small percentage of the population that does not exhibit eye dominance.

Try the same experiment for an object that is less than 20 ft away. Try it again for an object that is less than 3 ft away. Same results? Do you favor one eye or the other when trying to line up objects? A favorite eye for archery or shooting?

It sounds as tho' you may have a convergence problem (since it seemed that you may have had a particularly difficult time with double images). Do your eyes fatigue easily when reading a book or a long magazine or newspaper article? Easily fatigued when using a computer monitor?

Some ppl that don't exhibit eye domnance are also dyslexic. You?
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