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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
And then on the 21st page, there are going to be 2 people that really don't see eye to eye, they are going to start throwing insults. One's going to call the other a racist. The other is going to call the first one something that needs to be hidden by ****'s. And then the thread will be deleted.

Two days later, another thread with the same subject heading will be started.
A subject that won't go away....

The original thread was started by someone who opposed the large percentage of foreigners in college tennis.

The thread was then swamped with American parents of tennis juniors ( myself), American tennis juniors, college tennis fans, foreigners who played college tennis, Americans who played college tennis, college coaches and yes, foreign recruiters.

Everyone has something at stake and so the battle becomes heated.....

But, the level of vitriol towards the end was off the charts, with comments that folks were racist and xenophobic
if they were opposed to foreigners on a state school tennis team......

So, perhaps that was the end goal of some posters which was to push the thread off the board.....
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