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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
We know they take stuff but that isnt why they are having suicide rates through the roof.

There isnt much link to PEDS and suicide if there was track and field athletes would be dropping dead left and right. Tennis players, Soccer players, cyclists, basketball,hockey, and just about every other sport would be dropping dead left and right. They all take them its just a fact of life now. So yes other things are what is causing football players issues.
I thnk volley girl is saying the use of PEDS in a sport like football is what is causing more of this Head Trauma that give poeple pleple in theier 30s the brains of 80 year olds. I think they said dave duerson had early onset demtia and that typically doesnt occur until someone is way past the age he was at. Letting a 275lb guy run 4.4s into another 250lb guy running a 4.3 is alot difernt than Art donovan arm tackling an rb in 1957. Donovan has bad knees but his head is still pretty sharp.

Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Maverick is discussing causal link between PEDs and extreme depression. It's just not very strong. Addiction to painkillers? Very, very strong.
Agreed. But the PEDS lead to more pain being inflicted IMO.
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