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Originally Posted by Z-Man View Post
I tried it and was not a huge fan, but circumstances were less than ideal for a proper tasting--it was sandwiched between some other hoppier beers. I find that anything funky or any beer brewed with a Belgian yeast strain really needs to stand alone, and sometimes you need to warm them up to really figure out what's going on.

New Belgium also has a "Sahti". The juniper kind of throws you for a loop if you're not expecting it. There are some other beers brewed with ginger that have a similar twist to them. Craggie's Antebellum Ale has ginger and spruce tips. Lazy Magnolia makes "Ginger Jaque", also a rye beer with ginger in it. I believe before and during the Civil War, southern brewers used a lot molasses, ginger, and spruce tips.

To me, these beers are kind of an interesting look back to the Gruit era in beer making that preceded the use of hops.

Saw the NB Shift you mentioned at the store last night. Almost picked it up but BevMO had 1 4-pack of Sierra Nevada Hoptimum left and it's only out a few weeks per year. Might give it a go next week.
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