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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
I think this thread would be much more civil, if you just drop the "my tax dollars support these foreigners" meme.

In most big time athletic institutions, the money for the entire athletic department comes from donations and revenue from football and basketball. And as many have pointed out, men's teams don't even have that many scholarships to dole out.

You can debate whether or not NCAA should limit foreign scholarships, but using "tax dollar" argument is just disingenuous.
I agree with you wholeheartedly, Gameboy!

Even if you and I are misguided, well, the US foreign aid budget is somewhere in the $40+ billion range. Seems there could be a lot more done for little Johnny and Janey with that money than the amount of federal tax money that finds its way into scholarships for foreign college tennis players

And I am tired of posting about how objecting to scholys for foreigners based on the use of state tax money (if any) = objecting to scholys for out-of-staters on State school rosters.

EDIT: I support the general concept of foreign aid, even if I have not approved every line item, in case anyone misreads this into thinking I am bashing foreign aid.

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