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The concussion thing has been a problem in football for a long time. I am aware of a couple of cases of players who played their football is the 1950's and 1960's who both had frontal lobe damage similar to what boxers suffer. Both former Baltimore Colts, John Mackey (Tight End out of Syracuse) and Don Schinnik (Linebacker out of UCLA.) Schinnik played about 13 years in the NFL, Mackey about 10. Mackey was also the head of the players union for a number of years.

I recall an interview with an old time player who suggested getting rid of facemasks as a means of reducing head injuries. He maintained that most players aren't going to use their heads to make hits if they have no mask.

The list of boxers who have suffered the effects of too many head shots is very long. Some end up as badly as Mackey and Schinnik. Jerry Quarry and his brother Mike both ended up like that. Clay/Ali also seems to have suffered the effects. Jimmy Ellis is not all there anymore. Some boxers seem impervious to the punishment. George Chuvalo took a lot of head shots and he is still very together mentally as is Ron Lyle among others. Ken Norton was in a coma for years after a terrible car crash. (He drove off a ramp on the SD Freeway so he is in pretty bad shape.)

The NFL is going to have to address the issue as the lawsuits roll in. I think Seau probably had other issues but no one would argue that getting hit in the head repeatedly is good for one's faculties.

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