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Practice individual words...the as only, typing those words each take less than one second each.
Go find a copy of the typing test! A couple of girls in JR did just that, practiced the individual words until they were automatic, then aced the test because half the words were only reflexed, not typed by letter.
Now when you really go a typing test, they throw in words like supercalafrachalisticespealladoshus, which you have to look at groups of letters, and that takes time.
5 letters with spacing constitutes what's considered a word.
Now if you're applying for a chemist position, it might be tough to type over 100 words a minute. General typing, at lower levels, most of the words are automatic, no letters, only reflex.
Practice makes perfect. Before 2004, I hadn't typed in over 50 years. Coming back was a lesson in frustration. Took maybe a year to get back to somewhat decent speeds, about 75 wpm...... about half what I could do in school, in the '60's.
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