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Nice random cherry picking. Amazing how you only first narrowed your list to major state institutions before randomly picking. What about the other 300 schools ? Oh, I forgot, you are limiting the discussion to top BCS schools. And you calling me disingenuous ?

More importantly, if you want to talk about disingenuous, you are throwing out straw man arguments and then shooting them down : I never said tax revenues go to directly fund scholarships. The issue is the indirect funding that makes the tennis and other athletic programs possible in the first place. What I am saying is that tax payer funding and subsidies go directly and indirectly to those schools and their athletic programs, and therefore direct and indirect affects their scholarship program, and that makes the public funding relevant. Those tennis players are working out in weight rooms and playing on courts that were not paid for with private donations, they were probably built using taxpayer funded tax-exempt bonds. Heck, most of the revenue the universities receive is from government backed student loans and grants.
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