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OK, so at least we have narrowed the problem. We have established that big athletic programs with surplus revenues can fund foreign players as much as they desire without any tax payer dollars.

This eliminates the majority of BCS schools. So we are left with smaller Div 1 and Div 2 and 3 schools.

At that point, shouldn't we talk about why we have scholarships at all when they cannot finance themselves? What does the school get out of it? At least with football and basketball, you can argue that they raise the school's profile and generate donations from alums. But you certainly cannot say that about tennis programs.

If you want to talk about wasting taxpayer dollars, why are we paying for tennis at all? Tennis is not revenue neutral and not too many students on the campus probably knows that the tennis team even exists. What purpose does it serve? If you want to talk about taxes, let's just argue for getting rid of tennis scholarship all together.

That would probably solve both problems in one sweep as without the scholarship dollars, you won't have foreign players coming over and you will have more spots for the local kids who want to play.

Let's not single out the foreign players. Just get rid of the system all together.
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