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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
You think Winthrop athletics is self-sufficent? Based on what revenue source?
Ticket sales? TV rights? No way.

Check again. Most of their support is from:
Student fees 47% and
Direct institutional support 25.67% (the university's general budget based on taxes and tuition)
Direct state support means a check from the state directly to the athletic department. Rarely is ever done. Usually the state gives to the University who passes some to the athletic department. I worked for a univeristy for several years.

Same is true for 95% of all NCCA athletic departments. Anytime a school generates big revenue from football is mostly goes to pay higher salaries to the football coaches and staff and higher travel expenses (bowl games). Not that much of a cash cow. Tennis still get subsidized.
Honest. This is not false modesty or disingenuity. Why do you think the governor, legislature, and ultimately the voters of S Carolina are allowing their tax dollars to be used for scholarships for tennis players who do not hold US passports?
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