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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Aloha, in a recent post you said:

My comment is that tuition dollars don't pay for these things either.

Would you prevent out-of-state and foreign tuition-paying students from using these facilities for intramurals and recreation, since their families didn't fund the bond issues? (I guess taxpayer funded facilities include classrooms too, no?)

What about US citizen/out-of-state athletes? No athletic scholarships for them and no use of the facilities since their families did not fund those tax-exempt bonds either?
That's why at state institutions, out of state and international students generally pay a higher tuition, unless there is a reciprocity agreement in place.

Maybe if we had a reciprocity program in place with foreign universities so that for every tennis scholarship we give there's they give one to ours..oh, never mind, they don't have tennis scholarships...
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