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I have no problem with that at all. Again, there are reciprocity agreements in place and for every kid your state school brings in from out of state, there usually an opportunity for a child from you school to go to another state, so it more or less evens out. Not so with tennis scholarships. Half the college tennis teams in Europe are not made up of Americans on scholarship.

I never said ban foreign all students, but limits are justifiable. When teams have none or just a token American on them, how is that diversity ?
Apparently limits are not legally justified if they are imposed by a governing body such as the NCAA. If you haven't seen that link that has been posted up a zillion times, I'll try to find it again.

I think there may be more wiggle room for an individual school to make such a decision. Such as Winthrop! Any South Carolinians here........Rufus?.........log out of Talk Tennis and call your state congressman!!
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