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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
What about the other 90% of schools that offer scholarships then ? Why is the discussion only limited to "big time" athletic institutions? There are more scholarships available from non-BCS Div I schools and DIV II. Most of these schools athletic programs run at a deficit and borrow money from there general fund(which they never pay back). In addition, almost 99% of the schools in the US receives federal funding - either directly, in most cases, indirectly, because the tuition money they receive from student is in part from federal grants and student loans subsidized by tax payers.

Good way to discuss, first step: impune the motives of anyone who disagrees with you. No its not's disingenuous at all. If the school receives any federal funding, which as I stated above, they almost all do, than tax dollars are going to their athletic program. They can set up all the 'special funds' and accounting chicanery they want in order to say that X doesn't pay for Y, Z pays for Y, but at the end of the day, it chicanery, you can't take water out of half a glass.
Good post.

The bolded item unfortunately happens alot if you believe that scholarships should primarily go to US kids.

Please keep posting.
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