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You think that Federer was happy about the speed of Wimbledon? He would love the grass courts to be as fast as they were in the 90's as it would give him a far better shot at Nadal/Djokovic at Wimbledon. His great serve would be even harder to return.
Federer has only lost to Nadal once at Wimbledon as it is, and that was during a year long strech he couldnt beat Nadal on any surface. Change to a faster court and Nadal probably doesnt have as big a lead to choke, and ends up winning in 5 sets the normal way rather than choking badly and still winning in 5 sets anyway. Federer has never lost to or even played Djokovic at Wimbledon to date so WTF is that about. As for his other losses:

2010- Overpowered by Berdych. Would have been even moreso on a faster court.

2011- Overpowered by Tsonga in last 3 sets. Would have been even moreso on a faster court.

On the other hand he might well have lost one or both the 2004 and 2009 Wimbledon finals to Roddick on a faster court. Federer's serve isnt that overpowering and relies more on placement and disguise anyway, but the much faster Roddick serve would have gained much more by the fast grass, especialy when this forum seems to think Roddick had an Ivanisevic level serve on grass. We also might have had alot more serve and volley players if we were in an era of faster grass, and while Federer might have been a good one, he never was going to be the most comfortable at net.
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