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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Did you watch that tournament? It was the greatest tennis tournament I've ever seen. Sampras nearly lost to Barry Cowan in the second round, and he wasn't playing all that well at the time, while Goran had rolled back the clock to the mid-1990s during the tournament.

Goran was the underdog in 6 matches in a row at 2001 Wimbledon. He wasn't expected to beat Moya, Roddick, Rusedski, Safin, Henman nor Rafter, yet he went through them all and served a record number of aces for a Wimbledon tournament. Against Roddick, Goran was in control on serve and once he won the first set tiebreak, the result never seemed in doubt. Roddick's big serve looked powderpuff in comparison and had commentators shocked. It was hilarious how John Lloyd kept predicting Goran would lose and he would win every time. Goran beating Rusedski was the funniest of all.
Sampras wasn't playing "all that well" at Wimbledon quite a few times yet he's won almost every edition in an 8 year time span. Let's assume Sampras beats Federer in the 4th round, who takes him out in the tournament? Henman in the quarters? Ivanisevic in the semis? Or Rafter in the final? You know it would take a major upset for that to happen.
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