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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Sampras wasn't playing "all that well" at Wimbledon quite a few times yet he's won almost every edition in an 8 year time span.
Uh? Because he dropped some sets? Sampras in 2001 was playing worse than he had in years. Even before he lost to Federer, people were saying Sampras wasn't playing as good and wouldn't be surprised if he didn't win the tournament. Of course, when Federer beat him, it was still a shock anyway because Sampras had lost at Wimbledon, and that was a very rare thing.

Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Let's assume Sampras beats Federer in the 4th round, who takes him out in the tournament? Henman in the quarters? Ivanisevic in the semis? Or Rafter in the final? You know it would take a major upset for that to happen.
All were capable, but probably Ivanisevic in the semi finals. He has beaten Sampras at Wimbledon before, you know.
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