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Ok so there's only exception of a non-serve-and-volleyer winning Wimbledon in a 20 year span of 1982-2001 (which is Agassi - an aggressive baseliner) but you assume a grinder like Nadal would make the final and beat Federer in 5 sets. Jesus. The speed of grass wouldn't just change the pattern of the final, it would change the pattern of each round, you're so sure that Nadal would have a walk in the part in the first 6 rounds given that there are tons of guys with a better serve than him on the tour?
Since the grass field at the time was was a terrible one with almost no threats whatsoever (actually has been that way for the entire Federer era on grass) yeah I dont see any issue with Nadal coasting to the final that year, no matter what kind of grass it is. The few big servers with decent games like Roddick who would have benefited form the faster grass were playing some worthless ball at the time.

As for comparing Agassi to Nadal, Nadal's athleticsm and overall movement is light years beyond Agassi's, and that is a big factor on grass too. Nadal is the 2nd best grass courter of the Federer era, and Agassi only about the 6th best of the Sampras era, so if you think Agassi > Nadal on grass (even the hypothetical only old grass) then that is already telling in itself, and helps prove my point even further.

I never said that Federer would struggled against Djokovic at Wimbledon, I just claimed that if he was to play him at Wimbledon, I'd favor his chances even moreso if it was on old grass.
They have never played at Wimbledon so it is irrelevant. We all know before 2010 Federer would have always spanked Djokovic at Wimbledon if they met anyway. Mention Djokovic when he actually plays Federer at Wimbledon.

You can't assume that Berdych/Tsonga would overpower Federer "even moreso" on the 90's grass just because it's faster. Don't forget that it would also benefit Federer who has a tremendous serve and it would be twice as difficult to break.
Federer's ground game was crap those years. Nothing would have saved him. Berdych and Tsonga were serving atleast as big and hitting off the ground much bigger those years, so how on earth would a faster court have helped Federer in those matches.

This is way too hypothetical. As I wrote before, Roddick's serve would be more devastating on grass but Fed's would get more pop on it as well.
Roddick's serve is a speed serve. Federer's is a precision serve. It isnt hard to figure whose would benefit more from faster grass.
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