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Originally Posted by NamRanger View Post
So Goran isn't tough competition? Even as big of a headcase he was he's still stronger on grass than the vast majority of opponents Federer faced. Guys like Richard K, Agassi, and Rafter were also tough. Not to mention dangerous floaters/specialists like Henman who were capable of beating very good players on grass.
Sampras: Rafter, Agassi, Henman, Kracijek, Ivansevic, Martin.
Federer: Nadal, Roddick, Hewitt.

Yes Sampras had announced grass courters except for Agassi....yet they couldn't push Sampras most of the time. They **** their pants when they faced Sampras. I can't call that competition but I can say they were better grass courters than Federer competition.

Federer at least was pushed very hard from Nadal, Roddick and Hewitt. Except for Roddick....they didn't bend over for him. They pushed him because the grass surface was slower. If it was still fast....Federer would never lose to any of them except Roddick playing the match of his life.

Federer grass court prowness and ability on grass is 10 percent better than Sampras. Just unfair that the slowed grass gives Federer crappier competition better chance than Sampras competitors had.
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