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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
The problem is the majors Kodes won he did not face those great players who existed then since they were depleted slams (which there were many of back then with the various money making exhibitions, political issues, the game). It is like evaluating Court's Australian Opens, the womens field back then was great, but the Australian was a joke event which was missing almost every top player every year. She has 11 of them, and nobody gives them full credit, which is why almost nobody rates her as GOAT despite having even more majors than knife aided Graf, and many more than Navratilova and Evert. In Kodes's case, he never even proved himself by winning a major against a full field, so his are even more in question, unlike Court who did many many times.

Also when Vines was winning his amateur majors the Four Musketeers were all still playing, how is that easy competition. There was also Perry, Crawford, an old Tilden. Heck even had a full field attended it was tougher competition than Kode, considering the early 70s is widely regarded as a transition period with old Laver, really old Rosewall, ancient (or retired) Gonzales, mostly slumping Ashe, Connors and Borg not emerged yet, good for a couple years but oft injured Smith, Newcombe and erratic Nastase were basically the top players that period.
I am not going backwards and forwards with this relentless debate about who was better or who played a tougher competition.Ill say that Kodes had to face, like 50 very good or good players while Vines ( and the other greats of the 30s) had, at most - and I maybe exagerating- just 12-15 good or very good players.
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