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I am not going backwards and forwards with this relentless debate about who was better or who played a tougher competition.Ill say that Kodes had to face, like 50 very good or good players while Vines ( and the other greats of the 30s) had, at most - and I maybe exagerating- just 12-15 good or very good players.
But you realize this applies also to Perry and Budge? If they faced nothing but a weak field, then Budge is worth even less than the 6 Grand Slam events he won. Can't possibly call him a GOAT contender, as you have. The Grand Slam in '38 by itself can't make him a GOAT contender -- not for someone like you who is emphasizing strength of the field. That's because Budge's weakest competition happened to be in 1938. For various reasons, in that year there was no one around who could genuinely challenge him.

So if you're making a very big deal about how the 30s were weaker than the 70s, then Budge must fall; and he falls even further because his competition in '38 was weak even by the standards of the time.
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