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I think Vines is a definite GOAT contender. How could he not be with that record?
Your list of GOAT candidates was WAY too long. You included 16 men and 10 women which was ridiculous and you included a huge number of players who are never brought up in greatest ever debates- King, Seles, Serena, Agassi, Vines, Perry, a whole host of men especialy in fact. If there is no area you can be argued as superior to everyone else you have no GOAT claim. These people have GOAT arguments because:

Court- Most Grand Slams in singles and doubles.

Graf- By far most dominant singles slam record across all surfaces ever. She and Court (and Connolly) are the only ones to manage the Grand Slam, and also the only two women to win atleast 3 slams in 5 different years.

Navratilova- Most Wimbledons in singles and singles/doubles combined (along with King in the latter), most WTA Championships, most dominant single season records since the pre historic days in 1983 and 1984.

Evert- Unmatched records for consistency and longevity, most French Open singles titles ever, most U.S Opens in Open era.

People like Seles, King, Serena Williams and Connolly have nothing, other than unmatched precociousness in Maureen's case, and vague "peak level of play" arguments in Serena's, yet you included them as possible GOATs which was silly. Being one of the greatest of all time, and being all time great, does not mean you have any claims as THE GOAT neccessarily.

Then among men:

Sampras- his Wimbledon and 6 straight year end #1 records.

Federer- his most slams record.

Laver- his 2 Calendar Slams.

Rosewall- his unmatched longevity at the top of the game, 20 years worth.

Gonzales- being the dominant player almost an entire decade, and like Rosewall excelling into his 40s.

Borg- his unmatched parallel dominance of grass and clay.

Other than maybe a few of the early century greats like Lenglen, Wills, Tilden, there is really nobody else other than those. Can you even give a single statistic that would give people like Vines, Lendl (Federer has even clipped his slam finals record btw), Agassi,
Seles, Connolly, Serena, or King any GOAT argument at all. Other than Serena (only due to being current, it would never happen otherwise) none of those people are even debated as the possible GOAT by ANYONE today.

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