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Originally Posted by Peppershaker View Post
My machine is extremely easy to use and seems very consistent. Facing the machine with the DW on my right I lift slightly on the bar, use my left hand to pull the string thru the gripper (do so in a manner that it's motion). Then lower the bar with my right as my left hand moves to the clamp, unlocks the base then the unlocks the string, then slides the clamp to the next locking position where I lock the string and then the base. Often I can do this all with my left, but at time I'll bring my right hand over to lock the base. At this point my right hand raises the bar, which releases the string and the process starts all over.

The fastest frames I have done in just over 30 min., but this is a hobby and since I clean frames (literally wash them down in some cases), and then polish (car polish) them before and then after stringing I usually count on 1 hour per frame.

The key to these machines is that unlike the ratchet type DW that I learned on, with the Stringway rarely do you need to lift and drop the bar more than once per string. Key though is making sure you've pulled the slack out of the string before dropping the weight. If you do not do this the bar may bottom out before you reach the tension and you need to then lift the bar, release the string, pull the slack and then lower the bar.

When I purchased my machine I didn't understand the T92 clamps and budget wise I'd already hit my max, so rather than delay I was told by a knowledgably individual that the dual action clamps are relatively fast with practice and they were absolutely correct. I can certainly see that the T92 clamps would save some time, but since I can usually use the dual action clamps one-handed, not something that I've thought much about.

What bothered me about cranks was the issue of calibration, and the need to crank at a slow uniform pace. Having not used a crank, I liked the aspects of the consistency of a DW, that it's a constant pull unit, and that there was no reliance on springs or tension units. There are so few moving parts with the Stringway it's unbelievable. And what parts do move, are solid! Not to say that either of these are issues given the volumes used and the knowledge on this board, but for someone starting out w/o experience, w/o a tutor, and having only used an X-2 determining what to purchase can be nerve wracking.

As for electronic units, or used units & Wise heads......maybe if you're experienced but as a hobby I really didn't want one more electronic device that gets fried during a thunderstorm, or gives out on it's own volition.

Hope this helps. If you do a search on this board for Stringway you'll probably find a number of posts.
That really sounds like a nice machine: all the benefits of a dropweight and the speed of a crank. I didn't get one because it was out of my budget, but now that I'm used to a dropweight machine, I think I would probably prefer a Stringway dropweight over a crank.
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