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Originally Posted by aced_Tezuka View Post
I want to start a collection. It's probably gonna consist of racquets that I can see my self playing with or ones that just look cool or in great condition. And the ones I hear a lot about. Not gonna get woodies or ones that look too oldschool for me.
But I'm perfectly content with these two. Maybe I'm just going through a stage where I just want to buy buy buy! Will it go away????
Probably not. It started for me in spring of last year. I found a T3000 and a T5000 in immaculate condition in a local Goodwill. I started finding them and putting them up on the wall in our game room. A year later, I have about 75, including a number of woodies, a few metals, and a bunch of old-school graphite. I have some great old bags and cases also. I might have $500 into it total.

If you really like tennis and the history, it's a great hobby. Compared to many other sports, old tennis equipment is a bit undervalued.
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