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Pro's Pro Black Force 1.19 x Pro's Pro Syngut 1.30

The crosses are a very soft syngut, which makes them a great cost-effective option for hybrids. On their own they're too soft for me as I prefer some crispness. Personally, I like how their metallic grey goes with the black mains.

The Black Force mains were promoted as a spin string akin to RPM. I don't know if that comparison is entirely fair, but I do think they're pretty solid. Strung at 45 x 48 lbs I found them too tight. That said, they were definitely spin friendly, and I'm very tempted to restring them a few pounds lower to see how they'll perform. Since they're not textured, strings like RPM and Focus Hex are imo a bit more spinny. That said, I think the tension maintenance of these strings (like Focus Hex) blows RPM Blast out of the water.

As it stands they're very crisp (which is to be expected from such a stiff string) while also being pretty soft at the same time. There seemed to be a decent amount of feel from them (for a poly string) and they performed decently well from both the baseline and the net. I still have to try serving with them -- which I'm hesitant to do with any poly -- but they seem to perform consistently well at everything else I've tried.

Personally, I'd still rate MSV Focus Hex as my favourite spin poly, but I'd rate these as being better than Sonic Pro and Turbo Twist (which to me is a better version of Sonic Pro) because you feel crispness and bite while still having a decent amount of feel (at least at 45 lbs!)
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