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Originally Posted by OddJack View Post
Well, younger kids are into show offs more, you know.

Like they are into sagging shorts, Lifted trucks, wife beater sweaters, pimp hub caps...things like that.
Ever seen a plumber? Definitely older dude with sagging shorts. I thought lifted trucks was a young guns thing until I moved to Vegas. There are so many retirees with huge trucks. I'm not sure what a wife beater sweater is and now that I think about it, I'm not sure what pimp hub caps are either.

I'm 25 and consider myself to be a part of the younger generation. I can appreciate Nadal but am by and far a Fed fan. I can see younger fans gravitating toward Nadal. His style is different, he wears the bright colors, and his game is more modern and a bit easier to emulate.
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