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Default Stringing higher tension to settle at desired tension

Hey all. I'm not a stringer, but thought this'd be the best place to ask this question:

Is it standard practice to strong a racquet at higher tension in anticipation of the string settling at a desired tension?

I ask 'cos I asked my stringer for WIlson Sensation 17 @ 56lbs, and when I got it back the next day RacquetTune recorded 62-ish. A day or two later it recorded 56.6lbs before playing. I thought the my stringer was a genius

Is this standard practice? If so, the i guess the stringer would need to know how much tension a particular string is expected to lose so they can adjust. Also, would it not depend on when the racquet will be used next?

Or am I over thinking things?
Does it mean I have a good stringer?

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