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Originally Posted by CMM View Post
I don't have a problem with Mirka's weight but using the kids as an excuse is lame.
Even you say it's not that hard to get in shape (especially for a woman who could afford any fitness equipment and any kind of diet).
Imagine if every woman with kids would think like that...
Look lady, losing weight is easIER not EASY because you still have to go out and train even with the advanced training methods.
You can't just sit on your a** all day like some Nadalettes do here in that damn Ralph News Thread and yap yap yap about Ralph. So don't give me that pompous BS about how it's an excuse to workout for a doting mother of 2. Man, pretentious *******s get on my nerve sometimes.

Second, losing weight is not her top priority,heck it's not even a priority for her. Believe it or not for most housewives, there are issues that take higher priority apart from looking like a damn doll 24/7. I mean what are you like,12?As long as she's not obese/unhealthy which she's not, she's doing just fine. And many of her admirers(like myself) are totally fine with it because I love her face which is still pretty as ever. Unless ofcourse it gets badly disfigured/burnt, god forbid that never happens...

Third,you said you don't have a problem with Mirka's weight, yet you whined about it for an entire paragraph. Whatever, go play in the rain now or moonball in the practice courts.

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