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Originally Posted by PED View Post
1. First time for this lol

2. Agree totally with this. Sounds like a pr#$% teaser

I'd rather have Dempsey putting himself about in the middle of the park- we know he can get it done in the PL.
You're right, he does! You have to give City credit if they are put off by the way he's handling things and the wages he's demanding. It looks like they will win the title so there are many players out there who will want to be a part of it and are hungry to help them achieve even more, players like him looking to mess them around and then move to Barcelona in a season or two are bad news.

They're looking at a young forward from Montpellier instead, which shows they're growing and don't need to pay over the odds for mercenaries like they had to do to a certain extent to get them to where they wanted to be. Now they can call the shots.
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