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So, when I ask for "56lbs", what I'm really asking for is "string it the same as last time 'cos I liked how it played" (assuming my previous stringing was 56lbs). If I want it softer or tighter "than last time" I'll really be using lbs as a unit to adjust higher or lower "than last time".

This is an interesting concept to me, and a little surprising. I've only been 'into' tennis about 18 months. I assumed that when a stringer sets the machine to xxlbs, that's what the machine pulls. And maybe this is the case, but after reading those articles you linked to there's much more that comes into play to change the tension set my a machine than I thought. Interesting stuff

Wouldn't RacquetTune measure the actual tension though, providing the info I plugged into it was correct? Thinking further I guess it really doesn't matter what the readout is as long as I like the 'feel'. I like the idea of testing the strings over time to see when on the reference scale (lbs) I start to notice a significant change in feel/playability.

Thanks for the info Kerry. Really helpful!
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