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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Hey everyone. I spoke to Ron Yu of Priority One Stringing and Customization service, and the guys have agreed to give me a "behind the scenes" look at their work while they are in Miami for the Sony Ericsson.

Priority One consists of Ron Yu, Nate Ferguson, and Glynn Roberts. For those of you who are not aware, Priority One provides stringing and customization for players such as Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Djokovic, Tsonga, etc, etc, etc.

If you have any questions/comments you would like to me to ask when I meet up with them, please leave them here, and I will do my best to get answers for you. When I am done, I will start a thread with photos/vids, answers to your questions, and of course a report on the behind the scenes.

Dear Drak! May be you may answer. I did ask the following question once:"My son of 13 y.o. Playing tennis and after few tests we found out that he prefers guts-poly hybrid and best of all tour bite and b5e.this summer I am going to send him to play few tournaments with a group, where I don't think that he or smb may care about hybrid stringing. So my question is if it is possible to find a good and similar substitution to above setup, but using one string for a full bed". But to get an answer I'd like to simplify it: what is your recommendations for competitive junior who used to nat gut-poly setup to use in a full bed. I need to buy a reel for him before he goes on the trip. So please advise. He plays with Volkl O10L customized with a few grams at 12,9,3 hours and leather grip. He is all court player with an instinct to go forward and was tought to finish points from inside of the court and be patient at the baseline. I do string mostly myself for him, but on a trip his racquet will be strung like often on junior tournaments without additional care, so to give him nat.gut or any hybrid which is very sensitive to be strung correctly is worthless IMHO. I may get any string reel so you free to recommend anything you count the best. He will play mainly on red clay. If any additional question you may have to give an advise I am ready to answer. is offline   Reply With Quote