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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
As one of the few coaches on here, can you tell me what are the requirements placed on you by your AD regarding your job requirements?
(winning season, graduation rate etc.)

Thanks in advance
I am an assistant coach. I have been offered head coaching positions before, but for part-time pay (less than a h.s. coach would be paid). That tends to be the norm at many colleges, even D1 programs. Where I coach at, however, all the coaches are full-time and all the sports are treated equally. The sports are funded based on the participants and not because basketball is the alpha sport. Because of this, tennis is somewhat over-funded compared to most comparable schools and basketball (we don't have football) is underfunded.

Getting back to your question and assuming its for the head coach, there isn't a requirement placed on by our AD for the teams. Their basic goal is .500 seasons followed by making the conference playoffs, followed by making nationals by winning the conference. This year men's tennis and baseball were conference champs and are going to nationals. Men's tennis has won their conference 12 straight years without a conference loss. I would guess that if the student-athletes or AD had issues with the coach(es) that would have more bearing on the coach not being rehired vs. having a bad record.

Whether at the D1, D2, or D3 level there are programs that are in competitive conferences and the athletic department expects wins no matter what the sport. Not bringing home the bling after a few years may mean a dismissal. Tennis, though, for most schools in general, is on a lower rung of the totem pole. Its more of don't rock the boat. They need to offer the sport. Winning is a just a bonus.
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