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Tennisjon's reply was given in the context of DIII. Yes, many DIII schools de-emphasize competitiveness in sports. And that's fine, I really mean that!

At D1 high-major/BCS schools.....and many D1 mid-major schools its all about winning. Do you disagree, Tennisjon?

Yes, I know there are exceptions. There are the coaches like Jamie Sanchez of Loyola Marymount (a great coach and a great guy) whose W-L records are in the middle of the pack.......and yet who have been there forever. They even named the tennis courts after him.

The legacy coaches, like Jamie, are the exception. Most coaches have tenures less than 10 years. Any of us can check the turnover in coaches that happens each year.

Successful coaches at mid-major schools leave to go to competitive D1 high-major programs (destination jobs). The coaches at competitive D1 programs who are fired are the ones with the poorer records, not the better records, I think

EDIT: Before someone might ask me how Jamie can be a great coach and yet have a so-so W-L record at a school with a great academic reputation right plunk in the middle of SoCal, let me respond. He is not as good a recruiter out of high school as the coaches at the upper-tier schools in the WCC.....such as Pepperdine, USD, St Mary's and Santa Clara, in my amateur opinion. I think it is fair to say that LMU has a higher than average number of transfers-in. Whether this is a good or bad thing for any particular is something all recruits should take a look at for any school they are interested in

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