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I agree with that.

If a kid is looking for top-flight competitive college tennis, and he/she does not get an offer from the school of choice because better players (on paper at least) were chosen, I think it is a cop-out for them to complain about foreigners on the roster, or coaches taking bribes (as alleged by at least one other person, not you). Those coaches are paid to win............and in my experience don't have a shred of sentimentality.

But there are lots of great college tennis opportunities at D1, D2, D3, NAIA etc schools where there are varying degrees of emphasis put on winning. Gotta check out each program. Heck, I think there are a few D3 schools that are probably more competitive than a few scholarship-offering D1 schools.

If a kid is looking for competition, and loses out in the competitive recruiting rat-race, how can the kid complain? You can't want and not want competitiveness at the same time. There are lots of alternatives.

EDIT: One amendment to the statement above, that competitive-program coaches will always take the better of two players. If two players are equal or one is a little better than the other, and the better player is the child of "one of those parents", my limited experience indicates that this player will get left by the wayside either in the recruiting process, or if the kid is recruited, after he/she is on the roster. Particularly if the kid is from the area where the school is located

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