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Originally Posted by tennisinoc View Post
Seriously?!!! 64.5 hours!!' Thats just rediculous durability.
What is your play level, style, and grip/swing type?

Have you tried other soft poly crosses and what were the durability times for those?

Have you ever tried restringing you Poly crosses when they go dead?
NTRP 5.0 aggressive all-courter with SW forehand grip and E 1HBH grip. I hit through my shots so I wouldn't say there's tons of topspin on them, but I do put lots of spin on my slices.

Bear in mind that my stick is 89 sq" with an 18x20 string pattern leaded to 362g, a balance point of 32.4 cm and a SW of 352, and I pop in SSers whenever notching gets to be more than 1/3 of the string.

Never tried another poly cross since I did a lot of research before trying CoF (1.23g before trying 1.18 ). And given the performance of this hybrid, I really don't think I'll need to. People who've tried Silverstring and Scorpion as well as CoF generally note that CoF is spinnier.

Never tried restringing my crosss. There's a "dying" window somewhere between hours 22-28 where it feels bad, but after it's dead it's actually just fine.
6 x Head MGPMs, 3 x Head i.PMs, Gamma X-ELS

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