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Originally Posted by chmee View Post
There are quite a few subtle changes in the front wing of MP4-27. I suspect they are working on their own double DRS system. According to Martin Whitmarsh there will also be some changes in their pit-stop crew aswell.
I think that Whitmarsh was being a bit sly when he focused his comments on how the new wing will adjust airflow towards the back of the car. It seems to me as well that the new wing may very well be introducing a DDRS system for the car. I don't doubt that they are also trying to increase and redirect airflow towards the rear of the car though. I really hope that they get the pits figured out. If it hadn't been for bad stops, Hamilton would have a win and Jenson would have two...

RB has been toying with exhaust and seeing what they can do to try to replicate the blown diffuser effect from the past two years and all of the teams are tweaking their aero specs.
.....what comes next??.....
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