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Default One More Reason Not To Throw A Tantrum

My 4.0 team played last night. I wasn't there. But I know what you're thinking: "Cindy, was there any drama?" You betcha!

One of my doubles teams had won the first set. They managed to break at 4-4 and were getting ready to serve out the match.

The reason for the break was that one opponent -- let's call her Natasha -- hit a shot well long. Disgusted with herself, Natasha boiled over in rage, picked up a ball and sent it whizzing over to the other side as hard as she possibly good.

Unfortunately, Natasha hadn't realized her partner was right next to her. Her racket nailed her partner directly in the face.

I am told the wailing from Natasha's partner was so loud and so long that every person in the bubble and the two staffers dropped everything to attend to her or gawk. Eventually, ice was administered to a huge bruise over the lady's eye and a retirement was declared. Natasha's partner drove herself home, with one of my players following her to make sure she didn't veer off the road.

The moral of the story: If you're going to behave like a toddler, check your surroundings carefully first.
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