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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Some have depreciated Laver's open Grand Slam year - by saying - "yes but he only played it on Grass and Clay" - as if that takes anything away from it.

However, it is worth looking at Laver's 1969. Did he in fact win the top hard court titles of the year and why we are talking about it, did he win the top indoor events? Did he in effect make a clean sweep of the top tournaments on all surfaces?

The top hard court titles in 1969 were:

The South African Open - Laver won that in the March over Frew McMillan
The US Pro Championship (played on Outdoor Uni-Turf). Laver won that over John Newcombe

The top indoor court titles in 1969 were:

British Covered Court Championships - Laver won that over Tony Roche
Philadelphia - Laver won that over Tony Roche

One might throw in the BBC2 World Professional Championship & the Madison Square Garden Invitational - Laver won both of them also.


What do people think? Should people get off Laver's back about his Grand Slam 'only being on Grass and Clay'? Were there more prestiguous hard and indoor titles in 1969 that I have missed (perhaps in 1969 the Pacific Southwest which Laver didn't win (he won it in 1968 and 1970) - was it more prestigous hard court event than the ones I listed)?
Just Laver haters ( Fed fans basically) donīt know that.Thanks for posting it.
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