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Originally Posted by BHSC View Post
I would require all dual matches involving a ranked player (and all #1 singles and #1 doubles matches) to go to completion.

These matches should not be DNFs, regardless of team scores. (except the NCAAs b/c of the heat).

This change would increase the accuracy of the rankings.
Tennis fans would benefit (Don't most want to see what happens at #1 singles?) and Don't most players want to see how they measure up against the other best guys? Win or lose it seems like it would be beneficial to a player's improvement.

Regarding the doubles suggestions above: Making the doubles matches longer and count for 3 points as in the old days may be more accurate.

However, I think the most exciting, fan friendly part of a dual match is the 8 game pro set for just 1 point.
I love the 8 game prosets. I generally know that they will last an hour and therefore if I show up an hour and a half late, I'm right at the start of singles.
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