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Originally Posted by dlesser13 View Post
Fancy, that's a similar set up to my own in my modern rackets. Ever since I started hitting kevlar, haven't been able to look back. Albeit I string mine much higher than 45
Of course, so did I back when all we had was Pro Blend! The reason for the low tension is my style of play. I used to hit first serves dead flat for max speed and try to bounce the kick second serves over my opponent. The low tension allowed me to hit with touch but the kevlar/peek would 'bottom out' when I hit hard. I never had a kevlar/peek customer go back to higher tensions after I had them try the lower(Of course, not EVERYbody got in on the 'secret'). Try a hybrid of 18/19ga aramid 'something' mains @ 45 and TNT Pro Plus 17(remember the '90s ) @ 60 to see what I mean. It would be 'soft' enough to feed with all day but would stand up to some pretty big hittin' !
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