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I agree with your coach.. The serve is very complex and I learned it through a number of stages.. It's called serve development! You can't expect to do everything at once. The way I learned it was through each of the following stages and I didnt go to the next until I was comfortble with the previous ones:

1.) Flat serve, just arm and forehand grip
2.) Flat serve, just arm and continental grip
3.) Slice serves
4.) Added more hip/shoulder rotation
5.) Added some leg bend
6.) Added a stepup formation
7.) Fine tune the toss
8.) Topspin/Kickserves
9.) Add fuller range swing (backscratch)
9.) Change grip to a little closer to eastern backhand
10.) Change toss to be more into court
11.) Looser wrist, looser arms

well u get the point..
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