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Originally Posted by TheRed View Post
Ask Blackfrido if he still has those pro tour ft's. I think those were the best racquets fischer produced in the last 15 years. totally underrated. solid yet plush. Like a modern version of the early Pro Staff 85 (I hate the china ones).
Just an FYI...there were two incarnations of the 'Pro Tour FT':

A red version:

and a yellow version (not to be confused with the yellow 'Pro Tour FT Extreme'):

I'm not sure if there is any difference between the two, but I used the red version ~ 10 years ago and was not that impressed.

However, I really did like the M-Comp 95, which I used for over 3 years. 20mm straight beam, very low powered, and tons of feel. The only issue is its a 95, not a 98 like the Pro No 1 & Pro Tour.

And I agree on the beam width of Pro No 1s. I'm using the Pacific X-Force Pro (effectively the Pro No 1), and it took me a while to adjust after years of using 20-21mm straight beams.
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