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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Tennisjon's reply was given in the context of DIII. Yes, many DIII schools de-emphasize competitiveness in sports. And that's fine, I really mean that!

At D1 high-major/BCS schools.....and many D1 mid-major schools its all about winning. Do you disagree, Tennisjon?
You would think that at those schools it would be, but its not always the case. A friend of mine coaches D1 at a BCS school and he is part-time. The program is barely funded. If the school isn't willing to pay a coach a full-time salary, how can they expect him or her to devote a significant amount of time to recruiting? When I am talking part-time, we are talking about making less than a high school coach would make. If you don't recruit good players and don't offer scholarships (many D1 programs offer no scholarships at all), you can't be expected to be competitive.

Sports are essentially meant to generate money in that they get kids to the school that would not have ordinarily have gone. If you only partially fund a non-competitive program, you can still make out way ahead financially compared to schools that fully fund. After all, schools are a business. Sports leads to more successful students who are likely to give back to the school upon graduation.
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