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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I am still having trouble visualizing this. How can Nuts hit someone on the face with a racket without facing her? You mean to say the victim was looking at Nuts while standing within striking distance, Nuts did not notice it and swung the frame into her face thinking that part of space was empty.

It does not add up.
You'd be surprised at what Murphy's Law can produce sometimes. My brother and I were palying golf in college once at about a beer per hole pace. On about the 6th or 7th hole, I was standing exactly at the level of the tee as he was teeing off, and he hit it directly 90* sideways and hit me square in the side of the face. I remember thinking right before he teed off that I should take a step back, but then I looked and saw that I wasn't actually in front of the tee so there is no way he could possibly hit me. I was really lucky he didn't hit my orbital bone or break my cheekbone, but as it was, he just left a huge welt that became a talking point at the party at his frat later that night. I didn't actually feel any pain until the next day.
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