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Originally Posted by TennisFan2Day View Post
That is why it should be eliminated. If they are training to be professionals, they why shouldn't they play by the same rules. If they allowed coaching in the juniors and pros then I wouldn't have any problem with it at all.

The MTO has evolved in a way that it wasn't intended for. There are top academies telling players they should take them if they are down it a set and need more time to mentally prepare.

Could you imagine a boxer asking if he can wait a few minutes until he catches his breath? Maybe a swimmer can take a break between laps because they are cramping. It is a sport, you either tough it out or take up knitting.

This article is from a few years ago.

Not all D1 tennis players are training to be pros. The WTA allows coaching. The NCAA and ITA do not always see eye-to-eye. The college tennis rules are set by the coaches. Your article, while I understand the premise, will be considered dated and thus not relevant by some here.
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