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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I am still having trouble visualizing this. How can Nuts hit someone on the face with a racket without facing her? You mean to say the victim was looking at Nuts while standing within striking distance, Nuts did not notice it and swung the frame into her face thinking that part of space was empty.

It does not add up.
As I said, I wasn't there, but the players who were there told and re-told the story in email afterward, so it definitely happened.

I imagine that the point ended. It was time to change ends. Natasha's partner comes over to offer condolences on the error, or to consult on strategy.

Natasha is in the deuce court, so partner is approaching from behind. Natasha picks up a ball, and partner figures she is going to hold it and keeps coming. Natasha winds up and blasts her forehand, still facing away from her partner. The follow-through catches partner in the face.

I have had partners come a little closer than they should when I was sending a ball back over, but I've never hit anyone. Then again, I've never taken a full cut, either.
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