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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly
The first pic is a stereogram of 3 interlocking rings that requires you to have your eyes (far) converge past the picture to reveal the hidden image. On the other hand, the stereo photos of the flower requires you to close-converge... you need to cross your eyes, so to speak, in order for your brain to generate a 3rd image that will be a 3-D rendering (comprised of the other 2 images).
Judging by the fact that I easily can see these interlocking rings, but I failed (yet) to see a 3-d object in the second pic, I think, something about close-covergence IS there.
I had a severe brain concussion in the past, and after that, it became somewhat more difficult for me to learn... It didn't affected my grades, yet I'm not that brilliant kid I used to be. leave alone, I'm not a kid at all [sigh]
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