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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
One mans 'politics' is another's 'planning for the future'. Asia is growing. Moving a 1000 event there was genius. The only problem with Shanghai is transportation - the stadium is quite a ways from the city center and the government won't let the subway run late to accommodate the late matches (I've gone every yr since 2005). They will fix this eventually - dealing with the Chinese is 'tricky' (to use one of Fed's favorite words)

Sorry @Mustard and others: Hamburg's stadium is too small for a 1000 event. And after Becker (and Kiefer) and Graf, tennis isn't as popular in Germany. And Madrid is an awesome city. Hamburg can't compare.
If tennis (allegedly) not being so popular is an argument to demote Hamburg, then it surely should be brought up about Shanghai...
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