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Originally Posted by FeVer View Post
I don't think it's a case of his forehand being on and off. I think on the whole his FH (and actually the rest of his game) is usually pretty consistent. APART from his serve. That's what really let's him down coz it buckles under pressure, his ball toss goes and he starts rolling it in.

If his serve was as solid as, say, Tsonga's, he would be that kind of player: a power baseliner who blows even the top guys off court.

I reckon, with a good second serve and a consistent, big first serve he could have had a career just like Gonzo. Shame
Good point...the come back was solidified when in the 5-3 game he finally got some first serves in to set up his points. From that game onward, he started getting alot of first serves in.
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