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Originally Posted by ARIARAIDEN View Post
From today´s match
With Spin

When I see this kind of FH´s from Verdasco I ask myself what would be if he had a brain? He would be a serious threat to the top players!

With his age the time for him is over now but I hope can beat some top 10 players again.

The thing with Verdasco FH is that with a footwork which is so bad but can create so good shots that must be really good and when people say Federer has the best FH of all time they must include the fact that Federer has by far the Footwork in tennis history and so he can hit his FH alot more safer and better.

What im trying to say is that because of that I would rate Verdasco´s FH higher than Federer´s
Here we go with the hyperbole again.
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